Medium Voltage


AIWA undertakes turnkey medium voltage systems from conceptualization to commissioning by providing cutting-edge technology across the industry which is tailored to the need of customers. In housed skill, competency, tools and machinery lead, achieve beyond expectations of our clients.

Our Capabilities: 

•Supply & installation of 33kV & 11kV outdoor & Indoor switchgear        

• Supply & installation of power transformers

• Transportation, unloading, and positioning of indoor/ outdoor switchgear, and         

   power transformers

• Supply & installation of earthing system

• Supply & installation of lightning protection system

• Supply & installation of outdoor gantry yards

• SF gas filling

• Testing & commissioning of indoor/ outdoor switchgear

• Testing & commissioning of protection relays

• Oil filtration and testing of power transformers

• Supply & laying of HT cables and terminations of cables

• Supply & installation of auxiliary power backups

• Supply & installation of indoor & outdoor lighting solutions