MEP Contracting

MEP Contracting

We are leading Air-conditioning/Refrigeration Specialist.

Air conditioning is our main line of business and specialization. We provide a full scope of HVAC solutions and services. Our com- prehensive design team uses cutting edge software and tools to deliver best solutions from design and preparation of load calcu- lation and drawings to the execution of final deliverable. We also supply the most famous brands of HVAC equipment and products.

We professionally plan, design, install and commission all HVAC sys- tems and provide excellence after sale services and spare parts. We supply A/C Equipment, Air cooling units and all ducting accessories required for the installation of a complete HVAC systems and ser- vice the ducting works through our local workshop.

  • Supply & Installation of Air conditioning equipment.
  • Supply of Air cooling units and spare parts.
  • Ducting works and accessories.
  • Air Compressors and Spare Parts.
  • Chilled water pumps
  • Water supply pumps.
  • Booster pumps.
  • Submersible pumps.
  • Control Panels.
  • Supply & Installation of Cold Storage.

Chiller Units

All types of chilled water systems (Air Cooled or Water Cooled) including chilled water piping networks and all related works complete with testing, commissioning, and maintenance. Such projects involve Engineering, Procuring, Constructing, and Commissioning (EPCC) the Chilled Water Distribution Pipelines.

Package Units

Package units are self-contained with all components located in one outdoor unit with no indoor unit needed. Choose from the widest collection available from the current market. Select straight cool, heat pump, gas heat, & electric heat package units.

Ductable Units

A ducted AC system uses ductwork in the walls and ceiling to provide air conditioning throughout the home. The main unit (the condenser) is located out of sight, typically in out space. With the split AC system, the condenser is outside the home.

Wall Mounted Units

Wall-mounted HVAC systems are a great solution for any room or a whole home. They are quicker and easier to install than conventional central systems, offer a wide range of indoor unit styles to meet the requirements of any space, and are backed by the industry’s best warranty.

Cassette AC Units

Cassette air conditioning units are designed for commercial and residential applications. Ideal for large open plan areas, or irregular-shaped rooms they fit conveniently and discreetly into any area with a false or suspended ceiling.

Floor Stand AC Units

Floor standing air conditioners suited for kind of space as offices, houses, storages, when you need to keep walls or ceilings empty, or just no place for fixing the internal unit. Floor standing ac is only one and best solution for tents, especially for part-time. The big capacities range allows us to cool large space with less quantity what is reduced the cost of installation.

Split AC Units

Split and multi-split type air conditioning systems offer superior performance, energyefficiency, and comfort in stylish solutions conforming to all interior spaces and lifestyles. An extensive product lineup utilizes latest technology for lower costs and environmental impact.

Cold Rooms

Cold Rooms are standard preservation chambers built at the site to desired dimensions and cooling specifications. We creative Cold Rooms use world-class PUF Insulated Panels and Refrigeration Units from across the globe, to offer you totally reliable cooling and preservation chambers specifically built for your needs.





AIWA undertakes turnkey medium voltage systems from conceptualization to commissioning by providing cutting-edge technology across the industry which are tailored to the need of customers. In housed skill, competency, tools and machinery lead, achieve beyond expectations of our clients.

AIWA undertakes turnkey low voltage systems from conceptualization to commissioning by providing latest technology to our clients. Manufacturing plants, high-rise commercial and apartment buildings have been our main focusing sectors, where high competency levels and timely delivery is required.

Installation of Building Management Systems (BMS), CCTV systems, MATV Systems, PA Systems, DATA networks, fire Alarm systems, fire detection systems, access control Systems, energy monitoring systems and instrumentation systems are our main focus areas in the industry.